Selasa, 19 Januari 2016

Fat-Burning Water Sports That Will Torch Calories All

Take advantage of summer by trading your gym routine for these muscle-building water sports.
As we shake off the last of the winter gloom and slip fast from spring to summer, take the time to appreciate the longer days and temperate weather. Also, start thinking about the activities you’ll be filling all those hours of sunlight with. 

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The wonderful thing about summer is you don’t have to hole up in the gym in order to get a solid workout. And it's also not just about running and cycling—you can grab your buddies, pile in your car, and head to the ocean (or lake) for a day’s worth of fat-burning fun. This infographic from NowSourcing, an infographic Design Agency, and Backyard Ocean details how many calories a 150-pound man can burn in 60 minutes, plus the health and fitness benefits unique to each water sport.

Swimming, for instance, burns 714 calories, lowers cholesterol, and works both your upper and lower body. Did you know water jogging burns 476 calories? Or that water polo torches 660? Read on to find out how other water sports like surfing and kayaking stack up—you may be surprised.

Jump feet first into summer. Your muscles will thank you.

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